About Michael

Michael is a social entrepreneur who uses his skills and experience in workforce management and technology to solve community challenges such as risk mitigation in the aged care sector workforce; using technology to underpin volunteer organisations; and designing online platforms that connect different industries to compliance and education providers.

Michael is the founder and CEO of the Aged Care Development Network (ACDN), a workforce management technology supplier to the aged care, community care and disability sectors. Quickly realising that the technology solutions designed for the Aged Care industry could easily be applied to multiple industries lead to Michael set up SureComply, a People Data Management Platform that supports workers and employers across multiple industries across the world.

Seeing a gap in the industry, Michael has also been instrumental in setting up the Foundation for Workforce Innovation (FWI), a support workers association that is membership driven and funded. Whilst still in it infancy, the Foundation will be committed to research, development and delivery of workforce related services to and supporting its members.

Michael Maher has significant experience as a business builder with CEO experience and strategic advisory experience as a non-executive director. He has worked in the technology and workforce management space in Australia, Japan & Europe and uses his connections and IP to support startups. Earlier in his career he studied leadership & strategy in the Australian Army.

Michael is a Board Member of Freemasons Victoria and has joined the Advisory Board for Global Enterprising Women (GEW) which seeks to help businesses build cultural intelligence and capability by connecting them to female multicultural talent.

An interest in the country from an early age and many years spent living in Japan, has meant Michael is fluent in Japanese and visits regularly with family.

Michael is also the author of Care Factor: Why building teams is the No 1 priority in Aged Care, which can be purchased here.