Inside the Circle

Inside the Circle is the culmination of 20 years in building and conducting networks around the world. Allowing Michael to access business and personal opportunities outside the reach of most people.

The world has entered a new era of networking that takes connecting with other people to a whole new level. Most people have never thought about networking this way, though it is something that powerful people have probably done subconsciously forever.

Most people see ‘closed circles’ that are impossible to access. But you can access them. You just have to understand how. Be warned – if you treat it like normal networking you will not see the results. People will see that you are motivated by other forces than genuine interest or friendship.

This refers to a hierarchy of ‘networking’ being:

  1. First Wave – People meet and exchange business cards or promotional material for a business. The aim is to get in front of people to sell to them. This is referred to as ‘push solution networking’.
  2. Second Wave – People meeting in networking events offering solutions to problems of either people in the room or contacts of people in the room. You are trying to pull them in by saying you can solve their problems. Also referred to as ‘pull solution networking’.
  3. Third Wave – Connecting with people through genuine interests. Offering them access to your circles (networks) and at the same time accessing their circles because of shared interests. Though these circles are not set up for business purposes, this may occur somewhere down the track as a byproduct of the relationship. Frequently in this style of networking you may be able to help people with their problems, but more commonly rather than you solving them, you help them by referring them onto people in your network who can help them better than you can..

Whereas the first waves are like a tug-of-war with the rope being pulled back and forth, this last model is more like a hand holding a bunch of ropes (problems). You then hand ropes to other people in your circle who can solve them, only holding on to a few ropes yourself. And only when you have the best solution for that problem.

The benefit of this method is that everyone in your circle understands this concept and so there is a mutual exchanging of ropes on a daily basis. So even though you give ropes away, you end up receiving a lot more ropes being given to you.


Circles are not random, outwardly focused networks for you to push a product or service through. They are actually inwardly focused, allowing people to access you, and through you, to access other people in your collection of circles. For even though you may belong to a series of distinct circles, once others are looking at you they are all one big circle revolving around you personally.

Circles are not set up for business purposes, but rather for networking around a genuine interest. Be aware that every interest group you are a member of is actually a circle. A rope of opportunity to exchange with other people that sits completely outside the business arena. As they are not set up for the purpose of business they are ‘pure’ and therefore high levels of trust can be formed relatively quickly.

If a business opportunity flows from a relationship with someone in one of your circles it is a byproduct – not the focus of the relationship. The opportunity came to you because of the trust that exists because you are members of the same circle, or referred through a member of circle. So even if it is a business opportunity it came to you by leveraging networks OUTSIDE of the business arena.

Due to this level of trust between people in circles, problems that people are experiencing are discussed and passed around. The aim being that someone in the circle will know someone who can fix the problem. It might be a business problem or it might not be one. So a circle is about problem solving – not selling.

When you are given someone else’s problem the trust involved is that you will look across your circles and see who you can refer the person with a problem onto. In some circumstances you may be the best person to solve the problem and therefore you have the right to stick your hand up and do so. But if you are not the right person but stick your hand up nonetheless to get the business, your value level will drop. If done regularly you will no longer be trusted in the circle.

Even though you are a member of multiple circles, such as freemasonry, entrepreneur groups, football, ex-military, etc, to other people looking at you they are all one big circle. Your circle - with you at the hub of the circle through which everything flows.

Inside the Circle Methodology

If you are interested in learning more about the Inside the Circle methodology, Michael can be booked for either presentations or workshops on this topic. Ranging from 45 minute keynote presentations to one day workshops for corporate teams.