About Michael

Michael Maher is a conductor of people and networks. Using those connections to break down walls to opportunity to help the world around him. From business to philanthropy, both locally and internationally.

As a storyteller, Michael shares the lessons learned from his experiences in building and working in businesses on three continents; serving in two armies; Asian secret societies; and his network of interesting characters around the world. In the age of the global gig economy, never before has understanding the impacts of cultural differences and geopolitics by businesses been more important.

Michael brings this fascinating and complex topic to life through keynote addresses and corporate presentations.



The OnePassport Program is a global initiative under the UN Sustainable Development Goals to support people having to cross borders in order to find quality work.

Michael is a Co-Founder of the OnePassport Program

GEW helps businesses build Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and capability by connecting them to female multicultural talent from around the world.

Michael is an Advisory Board member of GEW.